Thursday, November 1, 2012


I did this with my 4 year-olds but it can really be done with kids any age.
If you’re going to do this activity, you’ll need to carefully plan ahead as it takes quite a lot of time.
First, you need to cut some black or dark blue hard paper. Then you paint their foot white (I used fingerpaint) and make everyone’s footprint. Remember that they might need help taking off and putting on their shoes, socks, etc. And you’ll definitely need to help them wash and dry their foot afterwards. It took me 2 lessons to do this for a class of 25 kids, WITH the help of an assistant. You also need to keep the rest of the kids busy while you’re doing this. I used a Halloween worksheet.
When the paint is dry, ask the kids to draw eyes and mouth with a black marker. I had to take care and supervise this part closely as some of my 4 year-olds had difficulty seeing which part of the footprint would actually be the ghost’s head. Ojos en blanco
Finally, they can make some stars with yellow fingerpaint.
There’s also this easier version using a handprint.
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