Sunday, March 4, 2018

English in Early Childhood MOOC


Many of the articles I’ve shared these days come from an on-line course I’m doing. I find it very interesting and easy to follow as it is mainly short videos and a selection of recommended articles. It focuses on teaching English to very young children, and the education specialists that guide you along work for British Council in different countries. Here are the contents of the course:

What topics will you cover?

How children learn

  • Early childhood development
  • Children and language acquisition

Learning through play

  • The importance of play
  • Creating the right environment for play
  • Developing language through play

How to talk to young children

  • Encouraging emotional development
  • Developing language through interactions

Learning: English and everything

  • Developing the whole child
  • Learning English in context
  • Guiding the learning experience

Positive relationships and enabling environments

  • Helping children feel safe and happy
  • The importance of knowing the child well

Watching children learn

  • Every child is unique
  • Observation
  • Assessment in the early years
  • Planning: building on what children can do

I think you can still join if you’re interested. Click HERE.


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