Friday, May 1, 2015


This week I tried an activity with sensory bins for the first time. It was a total success! My 3 year-olds loved it.

The first bin was a “flower garden”. I used plastic flowers, painted cups as flower pots, plastic spoons, some real stones and 3 kg of black beans. The kids loved filling the cups, the sound the beans made, and “planting” the colourful flowers over and over again.


The second bin was a “frog pond”. I used 3 toy frogs, some small fish, several smooth river stones, a plastic water lily and water beads you can buy in any flower shop. To make it more exciting for the kids I hid the stones and most of the fish under the water beads so they could discover the “little treasures” by themselves.


We have 25 kids in a class so you have to plan and organize this kind of activities really well. My kids played in each bin in groups of five for 6-7 minutes. While 2 groups were playing, the rest were doing something else. In this case, I had another teacher with me through the whole class and she was making a flower mural with the rest of the kids, using plastic bottles. When they had finished playing they drew a picture of spring on a sheet of paper.

spring is here

Why use sensory bins?

Kids look at,  touch, smell, and taste just about anything they come in contact with- this is how they learn. When their senses are stimulated, messages are sent to their brain which builds neural pathways that are needed for future learning. Sensory bins are a means of getting all the benefits of sensory play (language development, concentration, confidence, etc..) without having to clean up a huge mess! Because the aspects of the play are generally confined to the bin, clean up is a breeze! Sensory bins are also fantastic for fine motor practice.


  1. Fantastic post. Thank you Sara.

  2. I'm glad you liked it Amparo. :) Have you ever done sensory play?

  3. Well I am also working in popular Phoenix kindergarten, and these days in summers we are helping kids to learn new things like planting, paintings, making crafts, making toys and much more. Kids are really excited and they love playing games too.

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