Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Here are some cute and “doable” winter related crafts I found on Pinterest:

Footprint snowmen:


Winter tree collage:

Christmas tree craft How I'd do it: Draw triangles on white paper, glue tissue paper to paper. Paint snowy ground on blue paper. Let both dry. Cut out trees, older kids can cut out themselves. Glue trees and pre-cut trunks to snow. Use end of pencil in white paint for snowflakes or cotton ball in paint pad.


Handprint snowmen craft:

I love this! So cute!


Puzzle piece snowflake:

•❈• I love snowflakes! Make with a puzzle from the dollar store.


Plastic bottle penguins:

Pingüinos navidad


Snowflake making patterns:

Using a coffee filter to make a snowflake... what a great idea!  Already in a circle, gives the 3D effect when unfolded

Lots of snowflake instructions. christmas-is-coming


  1. My kid’s love to make snowman puppet!! This Handprint snowmen craft is very nice, which I am sure they are going to love to make. They love to do craft work and I am sure they love new things every time. These days in Phoenix pre-k, they are learning about air, and gas forms.