Monday, March 18, 2013


Here are two games I like to play with my 4 and 5-year-olds around Easter. You’ll need some kind of Easter eggs for both. I use my wooden and felt eggs, but it would be great to use real hard-boiled Easter eggs. Also, natural-sized chocolate eggs would work for the spoon game. I’m not sure if they’d roll nicely though.



Kids stand in two groups on opposite sides of the classroom. Give one of the students Easter Bunny ears, a spoon and an Easter egg, and tell them they must deliver the egg to someone on the other side of the classroom without dropping it from the spoon. While he or she makes their way across the classroom, I like having the other kids chant “Go, Easter Bunny, go!”. It’s really catchy so it helps them learn the new vocabulary.

“Easter Bunny” delivers the egg to whoever he/she likes, saying “Happy Easter!”, and the other one responds “Thank you, Easter Bunny!”. Then that kid is the Easter Bunny and has to deliver the egg to someone on the opposite side. Continue the game until everyone has got a chance to play.


First, you need to create a “slope” for the eggs to roll down. There usually are a variety of objects in the classroom that you can use, e.g. a box and a hardcover book. As you can see in the picture, I used a cardboard box and a wooden lid.


Then you might need to “secure the perimeter” of your game area, as you don’t want your eggs rolling under the chairs, closets, etc. I use whatever materials I can find in the classroom for this.

Kids roll the eggs down the slope in turns. The goal is to get your egg to bump into another egg. If you’re using naturally shaped eggs, remember that the egg will always roll in the direction of its pointy end. You can explain that to your students so they can target specific eggs.


Originally in the game, when your egg bumps into another, you get to keep both of them. If you have lots of eggs to play with and give away, you can do that. We usually just cheer and applaud and take it as a victory of the whole class.

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